DIY | Refreshing Facial Steam

Facial steaming is a great way to cleanse your pours and what better way to do it than add a few essential herbs to heighten the experience.

We love the combination of lemon and rosemary, the lemon is a great cleanser and the rosemary really makes your skins feel smooth. Morning is a great time to do it, as you kinda feel you get the benefit from glowing skin for the whole day.

Water you’ll need:

  • slice of lemon
  • two twigs of fresh rosemary (approx 4 inches long)
  • bowl
  • boiling water
  • towel

Pour boiling water into bowl, lightly squeeze the lemon slice into the water and then add the slice along with the rosemary twigs, lean over bowl and cover head with towel. Be careful not to hold your face too close to the water.